Supercharge your retail expansion empowers ecommerce brands to expand into over 20,000 national and local retailers with access to over 25,000 buyer contacts through targeted data.

Save time

Turbo charge your brand's outbound sales motion with our database of 20,000+ national and local retailers and 25,000+ buyers.

Retailer visibility

Increase your brand's visibility with retailers by engaging directly with 500+ official supplier portals.

Data enrichment

Augment your wholesale leads database and make better prioritization decisions with our 10+ tracked retailer attributes.

Easy and reliable

Chart your own path with our easy to use, self-service platform and take control of your brand's growth.

Trusted by leading ecommerce brands for scaling into major retailers.

How works:

Amy owns an ecommerce brand focused on pet supplies, specifically dog leashes, and she has scaled her business to over $5 million dollars. She's facing declining profits due to rising advertising costs and wants to scale into retail, but does not know how.

Step One:

She uses to identify retailers that sell pet supplies, and then further filters for the retail buyer leads that work for those companies.

Step Two:

Amy then gains access to the supplier portals and buyer contact information for each retailer she wants to reach out to, streamlining her outreach process.

Step Three:

She prioritizes her outreach list based on the size of the retailer and region, as Amy thinks she has a better shot of getting her product into a independent vs national retailers.

Step Four:

Within a few weeks, a buyer responds to Amy and she secures a meeting with them.

Step Five:

Within two weeks, Amy sets up a meeting with TJ Maxx and is negotiating the first purchase order after sending product samples. Amy is on her way to selling her products in a brick-and-mortar store.

Hear why people pick


CEO of $5M Food & Beverage Brand

“It was wonderful to connect with Tony and learn about! I was very intrigued by their tool and decided to subscribe for an initial 1-2 month test. The personalized batch of data they provided was exceptional.”


Total Sale Leads


Manual Sales Work


CEO of $5M Kitchen & Dining Brand

“The best part about is the quality of the data. The leads we receive are filtered for brand fit, which is very valuable for saving us time. This has improved our sales efficiency, allowing us to quickly implement them into 6-7 step email sequences.”

Single day onboarding


Email Accuracy


CEO of $40M Clothing Brand

“I felt like was reading my mind. Their business concept was very interesting and exactly what we needed. Growing wholesale was a priority for us, but finding the resources to identify new leads and accounts was challenging with our small team. proved to be a great fit. I involved our Head of Revenue, and we were both impressed with their approach.”

1st Order

within first month


B2B channel in 3-6 months

Don't compromise your multichannel expansion with average B2B leads data

You've gone through all this effort to create an outstanding direct-to-consumer product - don't compromise with average B2B sales lead data.

Accessible pricing for brands of all sizes

Pricing for solo-founders to scaled brands.

Get 20% off with a yearly plan

Founded by ecommerce veterans was founded by a team of experienced professionals from Walmart Ecommerce, Warby Parker, Attentive, Dropbox, Grammarly, BlackRock, and Morgan Stanley.

We recognized the challenges faced by DTC brands looking to expand into new markets, and we set out to create a solution that would simplify the process and drive success.

Our vision is to empower brands to embrace omnichannel commerce and overcome the hurdles of a constantly changing landscape.

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Dan takes care of day to day business operations, ensures projects run smoothly and finds the best Webflow talent to help execute projects.

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Adam provides creative direction for the business and ensures all projects ensures your website will be built on Webflow, pixel perfect.

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The Relume Roster

The Relume Roster is an exclusive, flexible and dynamic team of Webflow Experts that assist Dan and Adam in executing projects for Relume.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I establish new retail partnerships using the database?

Use our database for outbound sales and outreach, trade show planning, and for applying directly to supplier portals to connect with ideal retail partners. This comprehensive approach increases your chances of successfully connecting with the right retail partners for your brand.

How long does it take to see results from using the retailer database?

Expect to see sales with regional and local retailers within 1-3 months and closed deals with national retailers within 3-6 months, though results vary based on brand and market conditions.

How do I choose the right retail partners for my brand?

Our database lets you evaluate and choose retail partners based on retailer size, product category, target audience and other evaluation criteria.

Can I still focus on my DTC business while working with retailers?

Retail partnerships enhance, not replace, your DTC business, aiming to diversify your revenue and expand your reach to a larger audience.

What product categories does your database cover?

Our database spans all categories including Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and more.

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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